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Oussama Kabbani

Kabbani joined ROSHN, the Kingdom’s premier integrated community developer, as Group Chief Development Officer in 2022, helping to shape at unprecedented speed the Group’s developments across the nation as it is the most trusted leading mixed-use developer. Kabbani is a driving force behind the implementation of ROSHN’s vision for a new way of life in Saudi Arabia, integrating world-class homes and amenities with open and green spaces, all the while emphasizing walkability, sociability, and sustainability.

Oussama Kabbani is a seasoned leader with 33 years of development management experience in large-scale master planning and mixeduse/
residential development projects across the GCC and beyond. Throughout his career, he has led and shaped significant urban design, master planning, and downtown development projects from inception to completion.

Over the course of his career, Kabbani has played a role in shaping cities, including Beirut, Boston, Amman, Muscat, Dubai, Jeddah, and Riyadh, as well as projects in Kazakhstan and Malaysia.
After completing a Bachelor’s in Architecture at the Beirut Arab University, Kabbani went on to complete his master's degree in architecture in urban design (MAUD), and then Kabbani complemented it with an Extended Professional Course in Real Estate Finance at Harvard University.