6 - 8 SEPTEMBER 2022


Hotel companies in Saudi Arabia raise standards as tourism thrives

Over the last decade, the number of Umrah visitors entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from all over the world has tripled, recently hitting the impressive eight million mark. This figure is set to increase even further in the coming years, with the Saudi Government ramping up all efforts to enhance the local tourism and hospitality sectors. Ultimately, its initiatives are focused on giving pilgrims and visitors flocking to Makkah, a redefined, memorable experience and stay in the Kingdom.

Raising the number of Umrah pilgrims to Makkah – which is poised to become one of the world’s leading religious hospitality and tourism destinations – to 15 million by 2020 and 30 million by 2030 is indeed a tall order. To achieve its target, the Kingdom has implemented measured steps to facilitate ease of access, convenience, safety, and comfort of visitors and religious travelers. Chief of these initiatives include the expansion of the Grand Mosque and the implementation of the new smart phone navigational application called Al-Maqsad.

The expansion will create additional space for at least 500,000 worshippers who come from different parts of the world for Umrah and Haj. Additionally, 75 electronic screens have been installed inside and outside the premises of the Masjid Al-Ḥarām to help reinforce their experience. The Al-Maqsad, on the other hand, contains the Grand Mosque’s geographical information to help pilgrims find their way toward Ka’aba, other key sites, and exits.
The expected influx of global visitors, especially religious travelers, to the Holy City of Makkah has inevitably resulted in the significant growth in Makkah’s hospitality industry. According to Colliers International’s Q1 2016 Saudi Arabia Report, the number of hotels is rapidly climbing and it will continue through 2017 and 2018.

In response, hotel companies are keeping up with the increasing demand with their strategies being closely linked to the national development agenda of the Saudi GOVERNMENT. A wide range of exclusive, technology-infused services and world-class amenities are now available to guarantee hotel guests from across the world with a unique, rich, and one-of-a-kind experience. Some major industry players have also taken things further by offering a relaxing and most luxurious stay in their hotels designed with a friendly and warm ambience perfect for religious tourists.

Leading hotels operating in the Kingdom possess unrivalled knowledge of local and regional market needs and requirements. This clearly demonstrates their undisputed capability to address the ever-evolving tourism and hospitality landscape and its corresponding demands not just in Saudi Arabia but the rest of the Middle East region.

Without a doubt, hotel companies are one with the Saudi government in bringing the domestic hospitality sector to new levels of growth and development, pushed by their shared ambition to consistently elevate the experience of the country’s local, regional and global visitors.


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