21 - 23 APRIL 2019
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Endorsed by the World Association of Chefs Societies and Saudi Arabian Chefs Association, the 2nd edition of the Inter-Hotel Culinary Competition - Mystery Box Challenge returns at The Hotel Show Saudi Arabia 2018, where chefs & their teams from the Kingdom's leading hotels will compete to showcase exemplary cooking styles, creativity and share culinary expertise in a live kitchen environment.



Date: 10 - 12 April 2018
Venue: Jeddah Centre for Forums and Events, Jeddah
Secretary opens: Open from 4:00 pm
Visitors: Culinary Exhibition will be open to the public at 5:00 pm
Clearing time: Clearance of exhibits at 9:00 pm, or after the award ceremony
Award presentation: Upon completion of the session on the 3rd day in competition area of Jeddah Center for Forums & Events


Live cooking competition 4-course menu / 4 plates each


The team should have 5 people:

  • 2 Cooks
  • 1 Pasty Cook
  • 1 Helper
  • 1 Waiter


 - Competitors should prepare, cook and present for four (4) covers each within 3 hours (180 mins.):

  • Cold Starter (4 Plates same)
  • Soup (4 Plates same)
  • Main Course (4 Plates same)
  • Dessert (4 Plates same)

 - Competitors should submit the description of the dishes to be cooked on the day of competition. Competitors have to utilise good fresh quality products in the dishes from the mystery basket only.

- Competitors have to bring all their china wear to serve their entire dishes.
- 1 Display table each time will be available to present 1 set of the cooked menu.
- Waiter will set up this display table in proper Waiter attire and as well serves the jury.
- All ingredients will be provided by the organizer in an unprepared state, not trimmed, cut or sliced.
- Judging will be on speed, creativity and innovativeness, taste, nutrition and health, balance and harmony of menu, low waste, and correct preparation, cutting and slicing skills, utilization of food products, clean and neat method of working as well as competition spirit:

  • Washed and peeled vegetables
  • Meat and fish glazes
  • Basic stocks and sauces
  • Uncooked prepared pastry



The competition is open for the participation of Saudi or Foreign National Professional Chefs, Trainees, Commis, Pastry and Bakery Chefs and Kitchen Artists from 1 establishment.

The competition will take place at The Hotel Show Saudi Arabia, scheduled to take place from 10-12 April at the Jeddah Centre for Forums & Events Jeddah-Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Organisers will notify each competition team of exact day and time of competition once registrations are completed. Competitors should show up on time specified by organisers for the competition.

Late arrivals will lead to disqualification from the competition.

Competitors should wear complete Chef’s Uniform (Chef’s Jacket, Chef’s Trousers, Apron and head cover) during set-up, competition and at the award ceremony without any Hotel Logo displayed. Prizes will only be awarded to chefs wearing complete chef’s uniform


  • Stainless Steel work tables with under counter shelves
  • Refrigerators
  • 4 plate electrical/ or gas stoves with under counter oven
  • Combi Oven Rational
  • Hand wash sink and Garbage bin
  • 1 Kitchen Aid Mixer
  • Work tables with four (4) 220 V connections

The participants must bring all needed small equipment’s and kitchen utensils (such as cutting Boards, Knives, Pots, Pans, Bowls, Blenders, Plates), as well as any other materials needed to cook and serve.

Extra points will be added or deducted depending on your clean and neat working habit. It is imperative that you return your working area in spotless condition (Leaving a work place dirty will lead to high deductions up to disqualification). Chefs are advised to bring along their own materials such as soap, disinfectant, towels, paper towels, gloves etc, all they need to keep their workstation clean during the time of competition.

Judges will be briefed to mark up competitors who, in their opinion, show the maximum number of craft skills in producing their dishes. It is in the competitor's interest to complete as many tasks, including butchery, filleting and trimming in the time allocated for the competition.
The jury acknowledges that some mise-en-place will be required. Except where mentioned different in the competition rules the general criteria permits the following mise-en-place items only:

Note: No Pre-Cooked Or Baked Items Allowed. (Only mystery box items to be used)

All competitors will be judged on their teamwork and collegial spirit while competing.

Specific judging criteria are listed with each competition in this paper. Please read the judging criteria for each competition carefully to concentrate your efforts on the criteria you will be judged upon.


  • Mise en Place & Cleanliness - 10 Points
  • Correct Preparation - 20 Points
  • Arrangement & Presentation Innovation- 30 Points
  • Taste - 40 Points


Ingredients and side dish must be in harmony with the main piece as to quality, taste and colour. For classical dishes, the original recipe is applicable (in case of doubt, Escoffier shall prevail). Dishes must exhibit modern culinary art, served up in an efficient manner, i.e., dishes carefully prepared and finished that may be considered to constitute wholesome and healthy nourishment.


Appropriate culinary preparation free of unnecessary additions and ingredients.



Economy and time spent have to be taken into consideration. Plated dishes should correspond to actual service. Plate bottoms must not be mirrored and must not be of porous materials. Bases and inedible presentation materials are not to be used. Small croutons are not considered to be bases.


Food items utilized must be in harmony as to quantity and the number of persons indicated. Judges have the right to take out any portion or display that does not correspond with the correct ingredients used.


Menu description must be displayed 15 min after opening the Mystery Basket. Recipe MUST be including weight - ingredient and method of cooking (short version). Any menu or list must be typed in English.


Individual ideas must be developed and realized in an original way using culinary materials. It should be possible to see the novelty of the display spontaneously.



The maximum points per exhibit for all categories are composed as follows:

  • SARCA/SACTC Gold Medal + Award Certificate: 91 -100%
  • SARCA/SACTC Silver Medal + Award Certificate: 81 - 90%
  • SARCA/SACTC Bronze Medal + Award Certificate: 71 - 80%
  • SARCA/SACTC Merit Certificate: 60 - 70%





World Association of Chefs Societies
Saudi Arabian Chefs Association and Saudi Arabian Chefs Table Circle
Unilever Food Solution

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