10 - 12 SEPTEMBER 2023


Rosanna Chopra

Rosanna Chopra is CEO of Ebda LLC, a privately owned company established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that brings public and private sector together to have a transformative effect on the Kingdom and the role all will play in the delivery of Vision 2030 in the industries of adventure, sport, wellness, and tourism. From fostering entrepreneurship, connecting talent within the market, Ebda supports and partners with the Public Sector, investing; leading investors; creating and delivering Saudi born IP’s and project managing sector relevant initiatives and operations. As a Board Member her role is to enable Ebda to be champions of change and opportunity.

Rosanna has a track-record of producing enduring results for high echelon clients including major sport, hospitality, energy, education, and tourism for government and quasi-government entities, ruling families, and multi-national corporations. She maintains a strong position with key influencers in business and government and has been recognized as the Most Influential Businesswoman in Enterprise Development 2021 and the 2021 CEO of the Year, Saudi Arabia - Sport & Wellness Division.

Rosanna received her bachelor’s degree in Law and International Business from Newcastle, UK and Guanajuato, Mexico in 1998, developing an interest in sustainable development, tourism, innovation, and youth. Her focus has remained on the requirement of corporates and governments to collaborate for a strategic and diverse future with socioeconomic benefits. She is passionate about Arabization initiatives and the development of the next generation of skills, knowledge, and talent, considering it fundamental to the preservation and furtherance of the region’s success.