21 - 23 APRIL 2019
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For me as the WORLDCHEFS President it’s a great honor and pleasure to work together with DMG as a professional entity and trade show organiser. Professionalism and dedication is written in capital letters.

As of now the organising committee is busy with preparing and organising the event for 2018 and I am delighted to have a chance to spread some words to all of you.

It is a great effort to participate in competitions, lots of time dedication and hard work inclusive training which finally, if executed right will bring the success.

Cook at your best, be innovative, as well creative but never forget about the proper basics required to achieve your goals in notching medals, trophies and honours.

The most important thing is not to win all this recognitions, NO, the most important is the chance to show case our ability and to learn at all times.

I was doing lots of events globally, last year traveling 220 days and meeting culinary experts, chefs, young chefs and gastronomy associated people who are always coming up with new and modern ideas. Education plays a big role and I only can urge all of the people around the culinary world despite of the age to be modern, enthusiastic and always ready for a challenge in life.

Wishing all the participants, the organising committee and all associated helpers that “The Hotel Show Saudi Arabia” will be a stunning event, the support of all the industry and the success they deserve to have. Let’s step forward and deal with challenges ahead. It is also very important that we are all on board.

Thomas A. Gugler



Board Member


World Toques certified “Star Chef”

(Asia, Pacific & Africa)

Certified WACS Judge A

Citation  Highest Technical Advisor in Gold

All Japan Chefs Association (AJCA)

Member of the

German Chef Association (Honored with the Golden Merit Award)

Member of the Euro toques Association

Accademie Nationale de Cuisine de France (Ambassador for Germany)

Lebanon Chefs Association

Egyptian Chefs Association

South African Chefs Association

Master Guild Association

Culinary Team “Let’s go Magic” Germany

Ambassador for Germany and Saudi Arabia

n behalf of SCMER Chef Associations European and Mediterranean Regions

World Master Chef Society

Ambassador Academy of Knowledge Slovenia

Majstorom Kuharam 1 Reda

SKMER Chefs Association European &

Mediterranean Areas

Honorary Member of the

Emirates Chef Guild

Mauritius Chefs Association

Russian Chefs Association

ACEEA Romanian Chef Association

North Greece Chefs Association

AREGALA Slovakia

Mongolian Chefs Association

Israel Master Chef Academy

Euro Toque Romania

Accademia Sicilia

Korea Culinary Culture Association

Palestine Chefs Association

 “Taste of Peace”

Turkish Culinary Federation TASFED/COKFED

Romanian Chefs Association (ANBCT)

Indian Federation of Culinary Association (IFCA)

Slovenian Culinary Academy

Izmir Chefs Association

Federazione Italiana Cuochi Delegatione Brasile


ICU International culinary Union Bulgaria


Toques Blanche “Horseshoe Chapter” Canada

Ukrainian Culinary Union (UCU)

Kyrgyzstan Chefs Association

Syrian Culinary Guild

Association Culinary Chefs Serbia

Co-Founder of the

Saudi Arabian Chefs Association (SARCA)

Chairman and founder/of the

Saudi Arabian Chefs Table Circle (SACTC)

Artistic Developer & Advisor/Founding Member of Food Lab